A E Schlueter International Pipe Organ Builders
A E Schlueter International Pipe Organ Builders


As one of the Unted States major pipe organ builders, we are offering custom built pipe organs for export. Our engineer and production departments are state-of-the-art, using AutoCad three-dimensional design software and computer numeric controlled (krC) manufacturing equipment to provide economical and accurate building techniques.

Our pricing is very competitive when compared to comparable workmanship, specifications, and standards of building and certification.

Included in this website are several pipe organ designs with stop lists. These organs are representations of actual organs which have been built, installed, and ready for demonstration.

Why Choose an A. E. Schlueter pipe organ?

♦  Engineering is certified and stamped by licensed registered structural engineer.

♦  Low-voltage direct current (DC) wiring to "International Electrical Code" standards.

♦  Organs featured on this website have been built and installed, you can hear the quality of our pipe organ building.

♦  Pipe organs built to standards of "The American Pipe Organ Construction Standards and Guidelines."

♦  35 Years proven track record of success in solid state control system for the relay and combination system of our pipe organs.

♦  Ten (10) year parts and labor warranty.

♦  Competitively priced for value, features, quality and engineering.

In addition to these web pages, please visit our corporate website for further information and production photographs.

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